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A curriculum vitae is a marketing document that gives a summary of a job seekers career history, academic qualifications and also explains their future potential. Indeed the phrase ‘curriculum vitae’ is Latin for ‘the story of your life’. It is also occasionally known as a resume,CapabilityJane recommend applying for a job that suits your lifestyle can help you with your CV. 

A completed CV aims to impress recruiters and is sent as a application to jobs adverts or as a speculative approach to prospective companies.

CVs are valuable and important because they are your first and maybe only direct communication with a potential employer. Presentation is key. For this reason alone it should be carefully thought out, designed and written so that it makes an immediate positive impact on key decision makers. When a reader looks at your resume they should be able to quickly gain a clear indication of your experiences and potential. Bear in mind that the person reading it will never have met you, so keep it grammatically error free and focused, as it will be seen as a reflection of you as a person.

To summarize your CV is essentially a marketing tool that gives you a opportunity to sell yourself and your abilities to employers. It should have:

A positive outlook.
Clearly show those strengths and experiences that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.
Demonstrate your potential as a future potential employee.