General Manager job TX Hunting Ranch Sulphur Bluffs to $130k


Owners of the Nature Preserve in Sulphur Bluffs Texas are expanding their hunting services with a Lodge. We are looking for a Sales oriented Boutique Hotel General Manager to manage the Preserve.

The compensation is up to $130k + Free accomodations and other perquisites.


If you come from a Boutique hotel background, excel at providing highly personalized service email your resume to Hunting Ranch hospitality recruiter Modris Reinbergs mobile: 310-691-2586

The Preserve: As it currently operates

The Preserve is a hunting and entertainment facility that sits on a 14,000-acre ranch in Sulphur Bluff Texas.

It is owned and operated by seven members of the Family and the manager of the Ranch. The Family is a wealthy family from Indiana that owns various agricultural businesses across the United States, including this Ranch.  The Family also owns 6,000 acres of farmland ten miles away from the Ranch.

The Preserve currently consists of five small houses and one large one million dollar “family” house on the ranch. During duck season (December-February) our closest customers and colleagues can book 3-day duck hunts. The customers are housed in the five smaller homes, and the Family stays at the large family home. As it currently operates, The Family takes care of every aspect of the operation. They cook, they clean, they make all purchases, and they guide the hunts with the help of a handful of part time people. The family cooks brunch for the hunters at around 9:00 am and dinner for the hunters at 6:00 pm, and everyone eats together at the family home.  It is essential that our customers feel like our guests, and this is what has made this business successful. The hunts are always booked at capacity very quickly, and most of our customers are paying customers. However, we do not charge our high profile contacts for their first visit to the ranch in hopes that they will enjoy their experience enough to “spread the word” and return in the future as paying customers.

In addition to duck hunting, The Preserve offers Hog hunting. Wild hogs can be hunted year round in Texas and are plentiful. Our customers can book hog hunts throughout the year, but the Family is not usually on site for those hunts. Hog hunting has not been the focus of our business, and it not a large component at this time.

The Vision: Where we want the business to be in the future

The overall vision for The Preserve is to be a private (invite only via reference) entertainment facility. The Preserve’s Marketing strategy is based on the following values: (1) We want to be a first class facility, (2) We want to offer a sense of seclusion and privacy for our guests, (3) We want to continue the family feel and relationship, (4) We want to offer unique and first class experiences. Ideally, we want to be a place where our customers and our contacts (celebrities, business executives, political figures) can pay to get away and enjoy the unique experiences that our ranch has to offer. We also want it to be a place where our family can build relationships and expand our current business network. We also want to educate people about agriculture through the unique experiences that our ranch has to offer. Finally, we would like to be a venue where our high profile guests can host events, parties, and retreats.

Here is how The Family is currently trying to get to the ultimate vision:

  • We are building a multi million dollar lodge that will be “first class”. The loge will cater to smaller groups (it has 25 bedrooms). The lodge will be completed in the spring of 2012.
  • We currently have a professional sporting clay course located on the ranch for our guests to use. We would like to one-day host professional shooting matches at The Preserve.
  • We currently have some of the best duck and hog hunting in Texas. We intend to maintain the duck hunting and want to build up our hog hunting capabilities. We have just started offering helicopter hog hunts.

Here are opportunities that the Family has considered, but not yet implemented.

  • We have a stable with seven horses. Our cowboys currently use those horses to round up cattle (we have 1000 head of cattle on the ranch).  We would like to offer horseback riding to our guests in the future, and offer the chance to “be a cowboy for a day”.
  • We have three large lakes on the ranch and would like to grow the fishing component of the business
  • Agritourism-
    • We farm a lot of land, and would like to offer our guests the chance to be a farmer for a day. (Ride in the tractor, learn where their food comes from). We also have a large poultry facility (housing 1 million birds) currently being constructed on the ranch, and a dairy near by.
  • We intend to put in a zip line.
  • ATV and/or jeep trails
  • Full Service Spa (Spa services will be available at the lodge, but we do not have a full service spa).
  • Corporate retreats (The lodge will have an executive conference room)
  • Weddings

What The Family is looking for in hiring a General Manager

First and foremost, we need to hire someone that can help design a plan and implement a system for achieving that plan. The Family has no experience in the hospitality/entertainment industry, and is unsure of the direction that needs to be taken to get the Preserve from where it is today, to the ultimate vision. We need someone that has experience in the industry, is up for a challenge, has an entrepreneurial spirit, understands our values, and can help us create and grow the business. We would like to hire this person as soon as possible, and have them in Texas so that they can begin structuring the business. Ideally, we would like the Preserve to be up and running at capacity soon after the lodges completion.

Specific Characteristics of a General Manager for The Preserve

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and strong business sense
  • Up for a challenge
  • Understands our core values and can work well in a team
  • Extensive experience in the industry
  • Willing to live in a remote location in Texas
  • Understands marketing,
  • Has an already established network (book high profile guests with and without the Family’s assistance).

Compensation Package

  • As long as we get the right person, salary is not an issue. We would be interested in looking at people in the $75K-$130K range.
  • Benefits include use of a fully furnished 3-bedroom house located on the ranch. All utilities (including gas for a vehicle) paid for.
  • Health Insurance
  • Large bonus and profit sharing opportunities
    • The Family believes that our star employees should be given large performance based financial incentives. That way, if the business is successful, the employee and the family are both successful as well. If the person we hire can take The Preserve from where it is today to the next level, they will share in the profits of that success.


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