General Manager job to $200K private Club Hollywood


General Manager job at exclusive West Hollywood club

  • Salary $160 – 200K​
  • suits Luxury Boutique hotel GM 
  • with a strong background in F&B,  you have a flare – structured in the work habit but cool and relaxed in the way you deal with others 
  • Membership development is a big part of the General manager's job.  Club members are people linked with fashion, the arts, motion picture, televison, music and entertainment industries.  We do not take rich people only.  It is not a country club.  It is a house where creative minds meet and mingle. Club has strong Membership department so you don't have to be a "rocket scientist" in this area.
  • the Club serves simple French-American cuisine with a farm to table policy

  • This International Club makes $21 million per year in West Hollywood 

  • The members are creative people hand-picked not just people with money but people in the creative worlds artist, music, entertainment etc…. The club has a screening room and the best quality karaoke machine for public;

  • With 3 locations in the US, 3 in Europe, one in Canada,  the Club is developing fast – next opening Chicago, Barcelona. Plans have been announced for further openings in 5 more countries. The company also owns restaurants. It is a great step into the company. 

  • The right candidate MUST BE hip, cool, a little peace and love, loves food and is a good senior business person who understands F&B and will be on the floor making relationship with members but know how to work independently from the corporate office. Your application MUST demonstrate these qualities. Minimum 3 years' previous relevant General Manager job experience needed 

  • The club General Manager dresses in jeans and cool relaxed fashion to come to work, we have a no suits policy!!!!!

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​TO APPLY eMail your Resume in Full confidence to hospitality and executive Club Recruiter Modris Reinbergs Tel. 310-691-2586. 

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End of Club General Manager job exclusive private club in West Hollywood, California, CA.