Head Sushi Chef job Las Vegas USA

Head Sushi Chef job Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Salary to $120,000 USD per annum or More. Let us know your expectation.
  • Michelin star Chef experience needed. See more detail below.
  • This is a Global search, any chef with Japanese restaurant Michelin star experience may apply
  • The space has a bar and lounge, main dining room, sushi counter, and a private Omakase
  • 300 seats in Las Vegas. You may have to start in Miami and then go to Las Vegas.
  • USA location opening early 2022. Early selection needed to allow for us to get your work visa. You will also need to be on board before opening date
  • Owned by 50Eggs Hospitality, a Miami, USA restaurant company
  • this company has more open Japanese cuisine and management positions in USA and Singapore; Michelin starred experience needed and you may apply from any country
  • if you are from a city where Michelin star reviewers do not go but your employer has restaurants in other cities where Michelin reviewers do go and your company has a Michelin star there, you still qualify for being with a Michelin starred restaurant group

To APPLY email your CV to  Michelin starred Sushi chef recruiter Modris Reinbergs modris@gmail.com Mobile +1-310-691-2586 

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