Executive Chef job luxury Costa Rica Eco resort

Executive Chef job at luxury waterfront Costa Rica ecological resort 

  • salary OPEN
  • Costa Rica owned
  • 60 luxury villas
  • 1 main restaurant and one beach cafe,
  • Dock to Dish program member
  • located southern coast of Costa Rica, Central America
  • sustainability and ecological management style
  • the Executive Chef should bring with them a wealth of creative knowledge and an eye for detailed presentation. By using only the best ingredients, the chef should be at ease with the cuisine that will be chosen and understand how to bring the best flavors to the dish.
  • The Executive Chef should have a highly impressive career background, having built their expert understanding of Latino cuisine within only the most revered and regarded restaurants on the area. Alongside your operational culinary talent, we need the successful chef to have an inspirational management style and be exceptionally passionate about the development of their team…
  • We require an executive chief / entrepreneurial type person to enhance the food quality, increase customer service and enhance the overall guest experience. The restaurant sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Clearly one of the best dining locations in the Country. This candidate will have substantial input in creating a new theme, menu and rebuilding the main restaurant and kitchen. Salary is commensurate with experience.


  • Preferred Cuisines. Indicate on your CV/Resume which one(s) you practice:

    1. Sant Fe, New Mexico, Gourmet Food
    2. Southern Mexican focus on Oaxam and Yucatan
    3. Tex-Mex
    4. Costa Rican
    5. Peruvian 

The chef must have extensive knowledge of chili peppers, the different varieties and how they blend with foods. Describe this on your CV/Resume

If you were Invited to APPLY eMail your Resume ONLY to the ONE person in this list who Invited you: Costa Rica Hospitality Recruiter Modris Reinbergs modris@gmail.com Mobile +1-310-691-2586 luxury Hotel and Executive Chef recruiter Kristi Basi kristibasi@gmail.com Mobile +1-239-321-1358

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End of Executive Chef job luxury waterfront Costa Rica resort, Central America.