Chef de Cuisine job Asian fusion restaurant Miami Florida

Chef de Cuisine job midtown Miami Asian fusion restaurant

  • smaller 90 seat restaurant, lounge and bar
  • pay to $5,000/mo.
  • training for cooking Asian food will be provided
  • after completion of training you will be promoted to Head Chef
  • wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge
  • More than just food: artsy lifestyle gastropub
  • position reports to Owner couple
  • fusion of Malaysian, Thai, Indian and other Asian cuisines
  • opened in 2015 the restaurant garners great reviews

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Before applying see the sample Menu below

To APPLY eMail your Resume to Restaurant Chef Recruiter Emmanuel Plaza Tel. 312-940-3808, or Asian Restaurant recruiter Guada Costillas or, Florida Miami Restaurant recruiter Modris Reinbergs Tel. 310-691-2586


Tibetan Spring Rolls vegetables, or chicken      6.00
Tibetan Spring Rolls prawns      7.00
Boo Shrimp Tempura fresh shrimps with a sesame crust      12.00
Chicken Satay (d). fresh grilled chicken breast with peanut sauce      10.00
Vietnamese Pork Rolls lettuce, mint and pork      6.00
Mamaliga * (d). with foie gras      10.00
Green Tea Crab Rangoon (d). with thai sweet chili dipping      6.00
Tartar * beef or salmon      16.00
Tartar * tuna      18.00


Hangover 2 shrimps, mushrooms, bamboo      7.00
Vermise Chicken Soup noodles, vegetables and chicken      6.00
Shrimp Dumplings spinach, scallion, fried garlic      7.00


Koshi Salad (d). lettuce, arugula, chicken, strawberries, feta cheese      12.00
Thai Thai Beef cucumber sticks, beef, spicy dressing, mix of greens      14.00
Arugula Edamame Tuna * arugula, tuna, miso-ginger dressing      14.00
Chilled Green Papaya cherry tomatoes, green beans, papaya, peanut sauce      10.00

Main Dish

Samuiwok homemade asian noodles with mixed vegetables      
Samuiwok chicken      18.00
Samuiwok beef or seafood      20.00
Indian Gravy (d). chicken      18.00
Indian Gravy (d). beef or fish      20.00
Malaysian Lamb Chops * (d). fresh roasted lamb chops with garlic      20.00
Korean Beef * roasted beef, onions, mushrooms and mix salad      30.00
Hunan Chicken chicken breast with spicy sauce and rice      18.00
Asian Honey Duck Leg (d). roasted duck leg with honey sauce      23.00
Grilled Pineapple Pork Chops * (d). with pickle carrots      16.00
Bangkok 3 Flavors Tempura Fish       18.00
Ohyo Halibut (d). with asparagus, broccoli and truffles sauce      32.00
Teriyaki Salmon * with soy sauce, sesame, honey and rice      18.00

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